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SAWPA was first formed in 1968 as a planning agency, and reformed in 1972 with a mission to plan and build facilities to protect the water quality of the Santa Ana River Watershed. SAWPA is a Joint Powers Authority, classified as a Special District (government agency) in which it carries out functions useful to its member agencies. The agreement formalizing the current agency was signed in 1974 and went into effect in 1975.

Santa Ana Watershed Project Authority

Office Address
11615 Sterling Avenue
Riverside, California 92503
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Main Phone

951.354.4220 (See below for direct numbers)

Fax Number



For access codes please contact the front desk.

Direct Lines

Name Position Phone
Richard Haller General Manager 951.354.4240
Richard Haller Exec. Manager of Engineering & Operations  951.354.4240
Larry McKenney Executive Counsel 951.354.4256
Kelly Berry Administrative Services Manager, SAWPA Clerk of the Board 951.354.4230
Dawna Munson Senior Administrative Assistant, Contracts, and LESJWA Clerk of the Board 951.354.4247
Zyanya Blancas Administrative Assistant II 951.354.4220
Karen Williams Chief Financial Officer 951.354.4231
Alison Lewis Senior Accounting Technician 951.354.4235
Marie Jauregui Senior Accounting Technician 951.354.4248
Lucas Gilbert Manager of Permitting and Pretreatment 951.354.4245
Michael Plasencia Senior Pretreatment Program Specialist 951.354.4232
David Ruhl Program Manager 951.354.4223
Carlos Quintero Senior Project Manager 951.354.4234
Nicole Fortner Quality Assurance Manager 951.354.4244
Matt Stewart Senior Brine Line Operator 951.202.0715
Scott Mebust Brine Line Pipeline Operator II  909.772.3489
Brian Collier Brine Line Pipeline Operator I 951.215.9611
Benjamin Wilson Brine Line Pipeline Operator I 951.840.0206
Regina Patterson Senior Administrative Assistant 951.354.4246
Ana Vargas Intern – Engineering 951.354.4241
Mark Norton Water Resources & Planning Manager 951.354.4221
Ian Achimore Senior Watershed Manager 951.354-4233
Rick Whetsel Senior Watershed Manager 951.354.4222
Mike Antos Watershed Manager 951.354.4238
Sara Villa Senior Administrative Assistant 951.354.4243
Paola Grano Intern – Planning 951.354.4241
Intern – Planning 951.354.4242
Dean Unger Information Systems & Technology Manager 951.354.4224
Pete Vitt GIS Project Manager 951.354.4227
Jerry Oldenburg GIS Analyst & Network Administrator 951.354.4228
Patrick St. Julien Intern – GIS 951.354.4226
Intern – Public Policy 951.354.4242